Discover the FenceIt App: Simplifying Fence Installation for You

With FenceIt, you can transform your yard into a beautiful space with just a few simple steps. Download the app, scan your yard, and get a real price instantly.


Scan Your Yard with Ease Using the FenceIt App

With the FenceIt app, you can easily scan your yard using your phone's camera. Our innovative technology allows you to get an accurate measurement of your yard for a seamless fence installation process.


Get an Instant Price for Your Fencing Project with Our App

With our app, you can easily scan your yard and receive a real, instant price for your fencing project. No more waiting or guessing, just accurate pricing at your fingertips.


Decide if it's right for you

No need to talk to anyone. We'll never call you or show up at your door to sell you. You decide if you want it. If so, order it on the app and we'll handle it from there!


Schedule Installation and pay, right there on the app

Once you've decided to proceed with your fence, simply use our app to schedule the installation and make secure payments. It's quick, convenient, and hassle-free.